Brake Service in Castle Rock, CO.

Save on brake service at Titan Auto Tech.

Trust Titan Auto Tech to service and replace your vehicles brake system with Factory or O.E.M. parts. Making your vehicle brake like new or better. We can also install performance pads and rotors or go BIG with a Big Brake Kit (BBK).

Most BMW vehicle have a brake sensor on the front and rear axle. Newer vehicle have CBS data (condition based service) which uses the vehicles fuel consumption to calculate the service interval of the brakes and other maintenance items.

Signs you need a brake service.

  1. The vehicles brake pedal vibrates when braking.
  2. The brakes make noise.
  3. The vehicle has extremely hard or soft pedal.
  4. Traction control or ABS warnings appear of the dash.
  5. The brake pedal seems spongy or travels to the floor.
  6. The vehicle pulls left or right when braking.
  7. The steering wheel vibrates when braking.
  8. The car wobbles or shakes when braking at highway speeds.
  9. The vehicle shows the brake service is due.
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