Automotive A/C Service & Repairs in Castle Rock, CO.

Every Air Conditioning service and repair is performed by a certified technician. Trained and certified by EPA approved classes and certifications.

Every service includes checking current freon levels and checking for leaks. Recharging the system to specifications and adding oil and dye to the system before completion.

Most modern vehicles have Air Conditioning Systems to keep the inside of the vehicle cool. When this system is not working properly it can be miserable to drive the vehicle when the day is hot. We service both R134a and 1234yf systems.

Vehicles from 1994 to current, mostly use R134a. However recently 1234yf system are found in newer vehicles starting in 2013. Both systems operate on the same principle. However, if you have a system with 1234yf expect to pay more for the freon and service. The price of 1234yf Freon is much higher compared to R134a Freon.

Our A/C Service will diagnose any problem in your vehicle’s air conditioning system, and we will provide cost-efficient solutions to repair or recharge your system. So, if you’re vehicles A/C has is blowing warm let the experienced technicians at Titan Auto Tech have a look.

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